LANA Votes

Power begins at the ballot box

Understanding the importance of voting and how to vote in different states helps uplift and amplify the voices of our community members. This is why LANA partners with organizations nationwide for the LANA Votes program.

2022 Participants

Laotian American Association of Houston (Houston, Texas)
Laos in the House (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
Local Grown (Portland, Oregon)
Laotian American Community of Fresno (Fresno, California)

LANA Votes

Civic Engagement 101

Understanding how our government works at the local, state, and federal level enables voters to see how their votes affect their lives and those of their fellow community members. LANA creates informative content, both in English and in Lao, to help either refresh or educate voters on civic engagement.

Voter Education & Registration

Each state has different requirements and deadlines for registering to vote, voting in-person or by mail, and what is allowed at polling sites. LANA aims to provide details on these processes for various states to simplify them and encourage our community members to vote.

Voting & Remaining Engaged Year-round, Every Year

Local, midterm, and presidential elections are all important, although many people focus mainly on presidential elections years. Voting in elections ever year for issues important to our community and for legislators who understand and can present our community's unique needs at the local, state, and national level counts and can positively affect change where needed.